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Intelligent Lives: Exploring Perceptions of Intelligence through Documentary Film
Tuesday, January 10, 2017 8:00:00 PM UTC - 9:00:00 PM UTC
1. Participants will gain an increased appreciation for the idea that everyone has talents, and that people with intellectual disabilities can be full and valuable participants in society
2. Participants will gain a better understanding that intelligence cannot always be measured, such as social/emotional intelligence, artistic intelligence, etc.
3. Participants will be motivated to work towards including individuals with disabilities in general education, higher education, and the workplace.

The perception of intelligence is a powerful force in the systematic segregation, maltreatment, and unfulfilled potential of hundreds of millions of individuals with disabilities in the U.S. and worldwide. During this webinar, filmmaker Dan Habib of the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire will be discussing and sharing a video preview of his new film project Intelligent Lives (working title). The project explores how the segregation of people with intellectual disabilities became the norm, why this segregation is slowly being dismantled, and how some people with intellectual disabilities are blazing a bold new path.


photograph of Dan Habib
Dan Habib
Dan Habib, Filmmaker and Project Director, University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability

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